Alumni of the Month
Hi, I’m Max and I’m an Addict.
A little more than 2 and half years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead saying those words, despite the obvious truth to them.  I was going nowhere in my life, yet in my mind I had it really going on. I lived at home, had a loving family, girlfriend, job…. and a crippling drug habit. Despite my various attempts at quitting, I always ended up in the same spot, which was crying to my mom and dad.
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Improving our reach

Addiction Treatment Center Website

Visit our New Website in January 2014 for a new innovative look.  The new site will allow clients and referral agencies easier access to Last Door’s Services.

Golden Triangle opium production rises 22 per cent in 2013, says UNODC
Bell Media, including CTV and Rogers, including News 1130 have signed on to sponsor Last Door’s 30th Anniversary 2014 Outreach Campaign, stay tuned to 2014′s exciting recovery message which will play out on radio, TV and social media.
May the magic of the holidays fill your heart,
thank you for supporting 
longer-term nicotine free 
addiction treatment.
Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year
from the Last Door Team.
From terror to the catatonia of addiction

The anxiety attacks plagued me until I turned 18. Then things changed. I graduated from high school. I started cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) with a mental health counsellor, so acquired new skills for dealing with my stress and fear. I worked a couple of jobs and did a year at a small university college in Calgary.

However, I felt I needed to play catch-up on what I’d missed in high school. The legal drinking age in Alberta is 18-and I discovered that alcohol was the most therapeutic thing I could consume to relieve my racing thoughts.

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Recovery App
Unity APP, clean and sober support tool
Unity APP has many features making it the ideal Continuing Care Support Tool for clients post treatment and for people living in Long Term Recovery. Last month the latest Version of Unity APP was released on iTunes and Android.

Clean and Sober people around the world are downloading Unity APP, create your profile today.

Child of an Addict

Thank you guys for helping my dad, I couldn’t thank you enough for this. When my dad came back from the last door and I saw him for the first time in 3 months the first thing that popped into my mind is how much he has changed spiritually,

Emotionally, physically, and most of all mentally.

The last door has not only affected my dad but my whole family and others around me. Right now as I send you guys this I am sitting in a Saturday night live meeting in terrace. Every time I sit into these meetings I just think where are family and others would be without the last door. Not one of these thoughts was a good one. So long story short I just thank you!!

-Dylan I’m 13.

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