This month alone our exhibitor booth travelled from Victoria to Calgary to Toronto to Vegas exhibiting at addiction conferences promoting abstinent addiction treatment and Last Door’s services; including Social Model Programming, Workplace Wellness,  Family Programs and Problem Gambling Treatment.  Now with affiliate offices in Calgary, Regina, Toronto and soon to be in Winnipeg –  Last Door is regarded as a national industry expert by many professionals.

Some highlights from this month’s exhibits were educating Problem Gambling Industry Professionals about Last Door’s one-of-a kind residential treatment options for gambling addictions while exhibiting  at the Ontario Discovery 2012 Problem Gambling Conference and having Last Door’s Youth Program exhibiting at the 10th Las Vegas Conference on Adolescents and Young Adults Addiction Conference.

This week Last Door will be exhibiting at The Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA) Conference and the annual Calgary Addiction Day Conference.

Last Door at the Calgary Addiction Day Conference

DID YOU KNOW?  Last Door’s exhibitor booth travels to an average of 20 conferences per year across Canada and the USA.  Allowing us to network with over 15,000 industry professionals while distributing over 5,000 pens 7,000 brochures 1000′s of business cards and 20 door prizes; covering over 40,000 kilometers.

To learn more  about how Last Door has helped 1000′s of addicts, families and employers find recovery success, call us at 1-888-525-9771.

Alumni and Friends of Last Door form the TUNA Hockey Team

Alumni and Friends of Last Door form the TUNA Hockey Team

Alumni from 1 year clean to 8 years clean and friends of Last Door form the Tuna’s Hockey team, they made it to the finals of the Adult Safe Hockey League Tournament.  They may have lost the series but they’re are eager to play next season.  The team play’s approximately 30 games a season and  at least one and sometimes two games a week.

These Alumni set an example to the new guys by living life clean while participating in social and recreational activities.  Like Tyler B who just celebrated his 4 years clean and took his cake a few weeks ago.  He is now on his way to China for 3 weeks and then off to Switzerland  for 6 months thanks to the Capilano University Exchange Program, or look at John W who is enjoying father-hood and  is finishing his schooling.  Along with the rest of the team these Door Boys prove that life in recovery is fun and recovery truly is portable.

Join the Tuna Facebook Group

Join the Tuna Facebook Group


Alberta Alumni Day

Red Deer, AB

April 28, 2012





Alumni and their families are invited to a one day UNITY event



3:00 Reception

4:00 Family Group and Alumni Group (separate groups)

5:30 Dinner

7:30 Meeting

9:00 Dessert and Fun in Recovery


CrossRoads Church Conference Centre

38105 Range Rd 275, Red Deer County, AB T4S 2N4

Southwest corner of 32nd Street and Hwy #2, Red Deer


Please RSVP by email

or call

Giuseppe or Don at 1-888-525-9771


Strategies for Therapeutic Success

New Perspectives in Addictions

Healing and Treating Trauma and Addictions

Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine

Connecting Addiction Treatment Providers, Toronto ON Sept 20 to Sept 22, 2012



Interested in learning about Workplace Wellness?

Last Door is teaming up with Waking Up Workplace Wellness Trainings Inc to deliver information on Workplace Wellness.  Offering an extensive line of substance-abuse trainings and educational products nationwide. Helping organizations implement practical and hands on techniques for expanding their performance management assessment and review systems as part of the larger issues that govern the handling of related substance misuse and impairment in the workplace.s
Workshop’s include:
  • Supervisor Education
  • Impairment and Safety issues
  • Owner/Employer Education
  • Employee Education
  • Substance misuse and abuse in the workplace
You may need to book a Training Session if you’re unsure about the following points:
  • Did you know that supervisors can now be held personally liable under law for accidents caused due to negligence?
  • Did you know that you are mandated to provide substance awareness training to your managers and supervisors by regulatory safety agencies?
  • Are you one of the 396,000 businesses in British Columbia that does not have a properly developed substance abuse company policy in place?
  • Whether you are classified as a micro-business (fewer than 5 employees) or a small to medium sized employer, keeping on top of changes in the law is crucial and mandatory for the protection of everyone in the workplace.

IT’S TIME TO GET EDUCATED about the cost of substance misuse and impairment in the workplace!


CALL 1-888-525-9771  for more details or visit

Last Door Video

A video about Video Game Addiction and Last Door’s Social Model Program and how it helps addicts find recovery.
QUICK FACT: Did you know Last Door’s Video Game Addiction information page is our most viewed webpage every month?
Video Game Addiction Recovery

ARCHIVE VIDEO –  On May 9th, 2009 Last Door Celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a formal dinner and auction for a sold out crowd of 350 guests.  Half-way through the video are some archived photos from the past.   Stay tuned to our facebook page as we prepare for our 30th year anniversary planning committee.

To view  more videos, please visit Last Door’s Media Page 



Energy Drinks - Cause for Concern?

Mixing drinks with alcohol a cause for concern say health professionals


One of the most highly used drugs among Ontario youth could very well be sitting in your kitchen fridge.


For the first time, high-caffeine energy drinks have been included in the 2011 Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey and in its debut year it placed second as the most commonly used drug, following only alcohol.


“The biggest concern is mixing these drinks with alcohol and binge drinking,” said Halton’s Medical Officer of Health Bob Nosal during a recent regional committee meeting.


A report presented to council last week shows 50 per cent of Ontario students reported having consumed an energy drink in the last year, and 19 per cent consumed one in the seven days before the survey.


Alumni Phil and his Family celebrating recovery

Alumni and Adult Program Staff member Phil (Known as Floorsender) is celebrating recovery doing what he loves - Mixed Martial Arts. On March 24th Phil was the main event in the Muay Thai Challenge.  Close to 50 Alumni and Friends of Last Door were cheering him on from the crowd.  Stay tuned to Last Door’s facebook page for his next fight.

Last Door promotes Mixed Martial Arts by providing training twice a week  for residents in our main group room.  Addicts are taught to harness this fighting spirit when they are downtrodden and feel defeated like when they were in the grips of addiction.  Mixed Martial Arts can teach them that defeat is only a state of mind, that if they keep pressing on they can eventually defeat an adversary that seems stronger and menacing. (taken from the  Bleacher Report)


On September 1, 1989 Last Door Recovery Society was incorporated. At that time Last Door was located in a rented, very old and somewhat decrepit heritage house at 433 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster. The founding Board of Directors of Last Door Recovery Society was made up of a Federal Parole Officer, an addictions counsellor from MRTC, family members of alumnus, alumnus themselves and friends of the society. Among those was Dr. Jim Grant a Chiropractor. Jim went on to serve on the Board for a total of 20 years, meeting monthly with the Board and staff to direct, guide and support our efforts to build a safe and effective treatment program for recovering addicts and their families.


Jim was seemingly tireless in his desire to support Last Door and was undeterred by its rough beginnings. Despite his air of sophistication, his silver hair and his gold rings, Jim had a heart for those who were hurting. He could detect your physical pain and supply the right chiropractic adjustment and similarly, he could detect emotional pain and supply a story, a homily or some fatherly advice and encouragement.  Jim never minded being the mix with the door boys; he had a very real belief in the intrinsic value of all people and treated everyone with respect and dignity.


On March 22nd, 2012 we received an email from Jim’s widow, Maureen. It read “a short note to let you know that Jim passed away last Thursday, March 15th, shortly after 7 pm. He had been very ill for a couple of years with a nasty disease called MDS where the bone marrow ceases to produce blood and platelets.  He lived on blood and platelet transfusions for the last 2 years, and as he became weaker and weaker and more health issues ensued, he courageously chose to stop all transfusions and medications and let nature take its course. He passed very peacefully with all of his family by his side”.


Jim is quoted In a 1997 article in our  newsletter “DOOR WAYS” as saying “I’ve been coming here forever, or so it seems.”  This loving man WILL be a part of Last Door forever, his good will and loving heart is remembered by all who came in contact with him and so he lives on.


For those who knew Jim and would like to send condolence,  messages can be sent to and they will be forward to Maureen and Jim’s family.