Staff & Affiliations

  • david-pavlus
    David Pavlus ICADC CCS
    Executive Director BIO
  • louise-cooksey
    Louise Cooksey ICADC CCS
    Director of Development & Finance BIO
  • peter-beka
    Peter Beka ICADC
    Addiction Counsellor Youth Program Coordinator BIO
  • jessica-cooksey
    Jessica Cooksey MA ICADC
    Addiction Counsellor Youth Program Coordinator
  • nick-ringma
    Nick Ringma BA ICADC ICCDP
    Specialist Clinical Supervisor
  • daniel-marks
    Daniel Marks ICADC
    Addiction Counsellor
  • don-moran
    Don Moran ICADC
    Addiction Counsellor
  • darren-galer
    Darren Galer ICADC
    Addiction Counsellor
  • vincent-chua
    Vincent Chua
    Addiction Counsellor
  • jared-nilsson
    Jared Nilsson ICADC
    Addiction Counsellor
  • matt-kalenuik
    Matt Kalenuik ICADC
    Addiction Counsellor
  • gail-faure
    Gail Faure
    Women’s Group Facilitator Family Program
  • chrystal-sinclair
    Chrystal Sinclair
    Administrative Assistant
  • bill-bahia
    Bill Bahia
    Support Worker
  • teddy
    Jasbir Senghera
    Support Worker
  • chef-jason-maier
    Jason Maier
    Support Worker
  • Stu
    Stuart Barrington-Foote
    Support Worker
  • Colin
    Colin Ramsay
    Support Worker
  • giuseppe-ganci
    Giuseppe Ganci
    Director of Community Development
  • shawn-poppi-sabhaney
    Shawn Poppi Sabhaney
    Registered Acupuncturist
  • Addiction Specialist Physician
    Dr Don Hedges

To enhance mental health and addiction recovery services for residents:

  • Gambling Addiction Psychiatrist & PTSD Psychiatrist Dr. Guan MD FCRPC (C) CSAM
  • Last Door has partnered with Dr. Raju Hajela Health Upwardly Mobile Inc. to better provide Alberta residents with continuing care services for mental health issues and recovery from Addiction.
Last Door Therapy Dogs Roxy and Churchill